Saturday, July 31, 2010

one must adore Douglas Adams' sense of humor

The world(s) Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy creates is one that embraces all the differences of singularities by suspending fixed meanings and significations. These singularities join together in a ‘present’ moment, a ‘now’ that can not be represented. Guide’s humor distributes itself through the concrete sphere of meaning and any subjective position that holds meaning and representation dissolves. Egos are decentralized, disseminating in another sphere created by the realization of the absurdity of our commonsense which says our meanings as well as meaning giving mechanisms are fixed.

In Douglas Adams' work, humor becomes an accident machine. It produces the effect and even the event of a crash. In the crash there is nothing but the event/coincidence itself.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Best thing I learned from all the psychoanalysis lectures

Laplanche's theory of emergence of "me".

First there is the world and a relationality with regard to it, only in a second moment closure of “me” happens. This closure is originated from the relationality itself. “Me” is a surface that projects other surfaces (human beings) in itself and contructs itself with these projection images. So this theory of “me” promises a resolution to the problem of solipsism since relating to the other is considered fundamental way of being. This is a fundamentally afiirmative way of understanding limits of subject and it leads to questions such as “where does the other end and 'I' start?” From the point of view of Laplanche's theory, the notion of limit ceases to be negative, but affirmative and productive.

Just a humble wish

If only everybody would talk without certainty, in an awareness of the reality in which nobody gets to say the final word. This is not a movie what we are in. Even if we picture life as a movie it is certainly not a Hollywood production (at least I hope so). I wish for statements that refer to the world, in other words statements that have a respect for the variety it contains since their condition of possibility is this very variety.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Proposition 1

Variety is fundamentally good.

This means that ethical judgements must be made with regard to variety of options, while options could be anything or anyway that enriches the world by supplying variety.

Options in themselves could also be categorized by the degree of goodness, in other words by variety range they offer. The final purpose for human being is, then, to be able to cover the larger area possible in life, qualitatively as well as quantitatively but with a respect to variety.

Respecting variety is essential to understand variety itself. To accurately recognize what makes something different than other things, what constitutes its special identity, we have to pay attention to every important aspect of it and we have to submit ourselves to its logic, its mode of being. This is the first step towards doing justice to life.