Saturday, August 7, 2010

Proposition #...

Everything happens in the middle of things, not to things or even of things... The middle is between things where we see nothing but a void separating things.

So to be able to grasp reality at its most, there should be no focus in the traditional sense of the word. The right attitude begins with a rather blurry vision.

Just like the crazy man in the movie Patch Adams - running around showing his four fingers, asking how many fingers are there and getting angry when he gets the same and sane answer which is four - we have to insist on a blurry vision in order to see the complexity of happening. At the end Patch comes up with the right answer: there are eight fingers when one is not focused on them but tries to capture the whole experience including the seeing eyes. This attitude may not be appropriate for all kinds of experience but it surely applies to some better than a focused attitude. Actually the insistence should be on seeing the complexity of happening. Blurry vision is just a consequence of it. It can be clarified. Slowly. Like a digestive process.

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